We are Pauline and Carla. have in common
we founded the Happy Clappy Club , with
towards the goal of mental health
destigmatize and educate. In our
fast-paced world, it's as important as ever
never before that everyone knows: we all have
a mental health we care about
have to take care of.
Every year 1 in 4 people get sick
mental disorder. mental health
shouldn't be a taboo subject - let's
talk about!

We run a psychological practice in Berlin Mitte. In our practice we offer
Psychological individual and couple coaching. We focus on topics such as self-esteem,
Mindfulness, stress management, sleep problems and (professional) reorientation in
Individual coaching. For couples we focus on crisis management, communication,
Trust work and relationship blockages. All of our practitioners are clinical
Psychologists with many years of experience in the field of mental health.
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Our goal is to destigmatize mental health in all areas of life - including the workplace.
Our vision is to help open-minded companies gain mental health
destigmatize, integrate positive preventive psychology into the corporate culture and that
Make work environment a safe place for everyone. We have developed workshops for companies with the aim that all participants have a basic knowledge of the
major mental disorders and mental health in general.
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On social media we want to talk about mental
health in all areas of life
enlighten to offer the opportunity to themselves
in a positive way with mental health
to deal with and be able to with it
almost 7,500 people are now enthusiastic.
In a mix of informative posts and easy-to-understand videos, our goal is to
to give many people access to mental health.
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