Do you offer therapy?

The Happy Clappy Club currently offers psychological coaching. All psychological coaches are trained psychologists.*

Does health insurance cover the costs?

No, in Germany only psychotherapy is covered by health insurance. Our sessions have to be paid privately.

How much does a session cost?

A single session is €119 (including 19% VAT) and a couple session is €155 (including 19% VAT). The first non-binding introductory session is free.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and coaching?

In psychotherapy, past or present emotions, behaviors and trauma are addressed to treat mental illness. Please contact your doctor to get a referral if you have mental health issues.

Psychological coaching is working with clients in a psychological process to maximize their potential and to cope with difficult life phases. We work together to set and achieve realistic goals.

Psychological coaching is not suitable for treating mental illnesses.

Psychological coaching does not work with the past to understand the present. Psychological coaching cannot and should not replace psychotherapy.

Psychological coaching IS suitable for strengthening the relationship with yourself.

Psychological coaching IS suitable to support personal growth in all areas of life.

Psychological coaching CAN help to cope with difficult life situations.

Are you a psychologist?

Yes. All Happy Clappy Coaches are clinically trained psychologists.

What is the difference between psychological psychotherapists and psychological coaches?

In Germany, psychotherapy is only carried out by psychological psychotherapists (in Germany this means: Bachelor's & Master's degree in psychology + training).

Psychologists have to study for 5 years (Bachelor and Master).

Coaches do not need any qualifications in Germany. It is not a regulated market. So please pay attention and inquire about the training before you jump into the coaching sessions.

Do you offer digital sessions?

Yes, of course. We offer our Happy Clappy Sessions face-to-face and digitally. Both in German and in English.